Keeler Professional Package, Kit 1

Keeler Professional Package, Kit 1, To Include:

  • Professional LED Direct Ophthalmoscope Head
  • Professional LED COMBI Retinoscope
  • Finoff Transilluminator
  • Fixation Cards
  • Blue End Cap for “AA” Batteries
  • 2 – Lithium Handles & Batteries
  • 2 – Lithium Refraction Stand Adaptors
  • 2 – Rubber Grips
  • 1 – Mini Charger
  • Soft Zipper Case

Keeler products come with an unconditional warranty while in optometry school. Keeler will repair or replace ANY item in your diagnostic set while in school. Keeler offers complimentary and comprehensive service throughout your school term; complete replacement of any component as needed, batteries included!

Keeler has a lifetime warranty on the Professional or Specialist Ophthalmoscope, Combi LED Retinoscope and Transilluminator Heads as well as the LED Retinoscope Module. Warranty covers any service repair or replacement to the heads