Volk Student VSVF Super Vitreo Fundus Lens

The Volk Super Vitreo Fundus Lens has been specifically designed to combine the most desirable attributes of all slit lamp indirect lenses into one single lens, achieving both wide field and extremely high resolution for all diagnostic procedures. Its hih 106.5 diopter power and large aperture also make it ideal for stereoscopic viewing through small pupils.

Volk Product ID: VSFNC

Please allow 6 weeks for orders with custom engraving


  • Patented double aspheric glass optics provide enhanced imaging
  • High index glass provides improved stereopsis and image clarity
  • Widest field of view in a non contact lens with views past the vortex
  • Excellent small pupil capability through a 3 – 4mm pupil


  • Lens: Super VitreoFundus
  • Field of View: 103°/124°
  • Image Magnification: .57x
  • Laser Spot: 1.75x
  • Working Distance: 4-5mm